Even celebs need a change!

I have noticed about three specific female celebrities that I feel are in need of a hairstyle update/change.  Not that anything is even wrong with their current look, but c’mon now, you’ve looked the SAME for years!

Celebrity #1 who needs a change:  Carrie Underwood

           Image     Image

2006 Carrie                                                               2013 Carrie

Wow, way to really go out on a limb there, Ms. Underwood!  Boring look for a difference of 8 years, if you ask me.  She does look great as a blonde though, but let’s try a chic long bob or something just for fun!  Jeez!

Celebrity #2 who needs a change: Nina Garcia

          Image     Image

2008 Nina                                                                           2013 Nina

What happens when even the Fashion Director at Marie Claire and Elle (and Project Runway judge) magazine haven’t changed in almost a decade?  She’s exposed to nothing but fashion 24/7 and you’re telling me that this is the best she’s got?  I guess she sure knows how to stick close to “home base”! Lol  She might want to read her own magazine.  Why not play with a chocolate hue, Nina?  Especially with that ethnic skin tone.

Celebrity who needs a change #3: Stacy London

          Image     Image

2004 Stacy                                                                2013 Stacy

Yeah, it’s a good thing that you out that grey streak in your hair otherwise we would have never known that a DECADE has gone by!  Kudos for the keeping up the amazing looking skin and makeup, though, but c’mon!  You’re a fashion consultant and you also have you own TV show for goodness sake!  Make a change in that beautiful hair more often, please.  I get bored of looking at “celebrities” who never change up their look.  Be brave, try new things, don’t get stuck in a rut.  Enjoy!

~Rachel McCormick


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