Even celebs need a change!

I have noticed about three specific female celebrities that I feel are in need of a hairstyle update/change.  Not that anything is even wrong with their current look, but c’mon now, you’ve looked the SAME for years!

Celebrity #1 who needs a change:  Carrie Underwood

           Image     Image

2006 Carrie                                                               2013 Carrie

Wow, way to really go out on a limb there, Ms. Underwood!  Boring look for a difference of 8 years, if you ask me.  She does look great as a blonde though, but let’s try a chic long bob or something just for fun!  Jeez!

Celebrity #2 who needs a change: Nina Garcia

          Image     Image

2008 Nina                                                                           2013 Nina

What happens when even the Fashion Director at Marie Claire and Elle (and Project Runway judge) magazine haven’t changed in almost a decade?  She’s exposed to nothing but fashion 24/7 and you’re telling me that this is the best she’s got?  I guess she sure knows how to stick close to “home base”! Lol  She might want to read her own magazine.  Why not play with a chocolate hue, Nina?  Especially with that ethnic skin tone.

Celebrity who needs a change #3: Stacy London

          Image     Image

2004 Stacy                                                                2013 Stacy

Yeah, it’s a good thing that you out that grey streak in your hair otherwise we would have never known that a DECADE has gone by!  Kudos for the keeping up the amazing looking skin and makeup, though, but c’mon!  You’re a fashion consultant and you also have you own TV show for goodness sake!  Make a change in that beautiful hair more often, please.  I get bored of looking at “celebrities” who never change up their look.  Be brave, try new things, don’t get stuck in a rut.  Enjoy!

~Rachel McCormick


Transitioning those Summer Nails…

Fall is upon us and you’re probably looking at your Barbie pink polished tootsies and nails thinking, now what?  What should I do a for a cool Fall look?  Well, here are a couple great ideas for the next time one of the Studio 1 girls does your mani or pedi!

           Image Image

                     Image Image

Image Image

Fall is your opportunity to play with the deeper, darker, more sultry polishes without feeling too vampy or gothic!  We also have the whole new OPI San Fransisco polish collection just in along with 2 new fantastic sparkly oranges for Halloween.


Back to School Hair

Chances are if you’re at work reading this or you just put your monkeys on the school bus and sat down with a cup of coffee, you’ve rocked some pretty incredible “1st day of school hair”.  You’ve probably argued with your mother about the fact that “it’s not styling right!!!”  And you probably have a old pic stashed away so deep in the back of an album that no boyfriend or husband can ever find it.  You’ve probably had a mullet, a rat-tail and a perm, right?

How did your 21st century kids get their hair ready this morning?  Was there braiding and blow drying, bows and pigtails?  Did you fight with your child?  If so, who cares.  That’s what makes the 1st day of school so memorable.  Those are the things your child will tell their kids someday! Lol

Your daughter has probably been planning out her school hairstyle all summer and just praying that she looks older and cooler than she did last year.  Did she follow her friends and copy someone’s new haircut, did she have her first highlights, maybe she even used a flatiron for the first time?  Don’t cry, mom.  Yeah, they are getting older too quickly, but just be thankful they didn’t have to go to school in the late 80’s and 90’s!

Remember those school pics?  I sure do!  I was rocking the “my mom just trimmed my bowl cut” look.  Bad.  Here a few pics to jog your memory and make you smile.  Have a great 1st day without your kids, moms!  Enjoy!

~Rachel McCormick

Image Image

Image Image

This VS. That

Sick of your Summer hair look, yet don’t know how to whip up that new current idea for Fall?  Look no further, we have you covered.  Here’s what we recommend for ideas:

Image  VS. Image

Been rocking that pale blonde all summer that you worked so hard to achieve the second you saw sunlight in March?  Ya, me too.  Try toning it down with a more caramel base color and still keep a few peek-a-boo foils or have them balayaged in for a softer look.

Image VS. Image

Okay, so this trendy blonde ombre color was a life saver for those blondes who wanted to try something new with very little maintenance.  In fact, it’s still very trendy, but now everything is softer in tone difference.  Gals rocking that ombre has it easy transitioning into a comfortable Fall color cause you’re probably already very used to your slightly deeper base.  Just ask to have your base color taken about 1 shade darker and tone your ends to a warmer blonde for a beautiful change!

Image VS. Image

Sultry is what comes to mind when I thing of a known brunette getting ready for her deep Fall hue!  Mmmm, yum!  Dare to go dark if your comfortable or add a touch of burgundy if your really gutsy!  Either way, it’s just hair.


Pinterest Obesession

Let it be known that we are only 1 out of 70 million global Pinterest users, but our one “Studio 1 Salon” account makes a big difference.  Atleast for me it does!  I use that site daily for referencing, ideas, sharing pics, mental relaxation, etc.  It’s a way to get my point across when I have a fab idea but need the pic for proof, a way to organize all my “dream hair” photos and makes me laugh like hell when I’m feeling grouchy.

Pinterest goes great with a glass of wine after a long work day, and that’s how I typically abuse it! haha  With alcohol.

If anyone reading this hasn’t been to our Studio 1 Salon & Day Spa page yet, take a peek.  We have tons of inspiring pins all organized for guests viewing pleasures.  We are hoping to trigger a smile, implant an incredible idea or scare the crap out of you with things that you might consider “too wild” for you in the hair comfort department.

That’s why I am completely obsessed with Pinterest.  I hope it inspires you as much as it does me!  Oh, and here are just a few of my ultimate fave things I’ve pinned on there 🙂  Enjoy!

~Rachel McCormick

Image Image Image Image

Seasonal Changes

Today is the day.  The day I feel like it’s officially Fall.  It feels great so far!  I have the house cleaned, the cool breeze is coming into my house through the open windows and I have a few new scents of candles lit.  Glorious.

Fall to me is like a fresh start, a clean slate, if you will.  Fall is an excuse to evaluate your personal style and tweek a few things in order to prepare for a new season.  Want to know what I am “tweeking”?  Lots for some reason.  I am a blank canvas right now waiting for everything to “fall” into place. Lol  I have new makeup ordered to tone down my Summer colors, a new head of extensions (finally) in the mail and a couple new pairs of boots joining these purchases.

All Spring/Summer I like a brighter, bolder color of blush to make my blonde hair and blue eyes pop.  It makes me feel more vibrant to use a hue that looks like it belongs to Barbie!  But today as I sit here with ZERO makeup on and nothing but Fall thoughts running through my head, it was time for a more subdued tint.  So I got a deeper, mauve-like pink to hilight my cheeks.

My hair no longer needs to be so bleached looking- the beach is probably over with for the year, let’s be honest.  I’m looking to add some length and a little depth at my base as the cooler weather and a textured turtle neck creeps in.  Here’s what I had in mind…

Image  Gorgeous, right?  I think so.  I still need to feel and look like my blonde self, however, the base color grounds this look making it perfectly Fall/Winter appropriate.

All in all, I can’t wait for this new seasonal change.  I’m ready for the vest, leggings, pumpkin spice latte and a little leaf raking, 80 degree weather (cause let’s be real, this is still WI), etc.  So fall into Fall with open arms, embrace change, add a few fun pieces to your wardrobe, color your locks a tad deeper and grab a new shade of lip gloss.  Change is good!


~Rachel McCormick

Holiday Party Hair

With the holidays quickly approaching, we all want to look amazing!  I know I sure do.  Looking “party fresh” and perfectly put-together is everyone’s dream.  Here are a few quick and easy styles that are sure to set your look on fire this season!

Image  The braided upstyle is not only easy for one to try, but chic as well with a little holiday dress!  Simply start on the top of the head with a reverse French Braid and continue to the ends of the hair, then tuck them around and pin for the look of a bun at the bottom.

Image The pretty low side bun is perfect for one with long, second day hair!  Push in a simple rhinestone bobby pin for a little more sparkle.

Image  Love messy hair?  Try this quick under twist style for the ultimate bohemian look!

Image  Try this retro, messy beehive style for something outside your comfort box!  Backcomb through the crown of the head and pin back pieces to keep it looking loose and modern!

Happy Holidays to all!